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Specializing in children, teenagers and young adults.

Information for New Patients

I am currently accepting new patients ages 4-24.

Types of Appointments

Psychiatric evaluation “Psych eval”: This is the first appointment, and it is scheduled for an hour. It covers a wide variety of topics, including: developmental history, physical health, family and social history, substance use/abuse, past treatment history, job/school functioning, multiple areas of emotional health and your concerns. At the end, we will discuss my preliminary thoughts regarding diagnosis, possible treatment options, and starting a plan of care.

I generally do not prescribe new medication to minors at the first visit, as I prefer to get a thorough evaluation and gather as much info as possible before exposing a child to psychiatric medications. I will, however, usually fill existing medications.

Since evaluations are considerably longer than follow up appointments, they are only scheduled at specific times in the mornings and early afternoons.

Medication Management “Med check”: These follow-up appointments are about 20 minutes long, and we discuss symptoms and any medication changes. They are more frequent in the beginning and when needed. As long as I am prescribing medication for you, I will need to see you at least every three months. Even though psychiatric evaluation appointments are often booked out for several weeks, I can generally see existing patients within a day or two.

Making an Appointment - FOR NEW PATIENTS

New Patient Appointments

To make a new patient appointment, please click above button. It will ask for your demographic and insurance information. Please fill it out completely, submit it, and we will call you within a few business hours to answer your questions and schedule a new patient appointment. If the patient is an adult, he/she needs to schedule their own appointment. If the patient is under 18, a biological parent or legal guardian must bring them to the first appointment.

Appointments with new patients are often complicated by insurance and paperwork issues. To make things go as smoothly as possible, we request that you do several things prior to your appointment: