Insurance Plans Accepted by Danielle Putrow, PsyNP

I take the following insurances. Please be aware that the insurance that counts is the mental health benefit. Sometimes, this can be a very different company than your medical benefit. Usually this can be found on the back of your card: "For mental health/ substance abuse call.......". Even under the same mental health benefit, there may be certain plans or employer groups that I am not on. It's usually a good idea to verify with the insurance company that I am listed on your plan.

We will be happy to make reasonable efforts to help you through the complicated world of insurance coverage. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your insurance will pay for your visits to the office.

Common problems with insurance companies: high deductibles, pre-existing condition clauses, pre-authorization requirements, no coverage for mental health or for certain mental health conditions. It is important for you to be familiar with what your insurance will or will not cover so that you won’t get surprised with a bill later.

Aetna Beacon/ Value Options
Blue Cross Cigna
Compsych Health Net/ MHN
Humana/ Lifesynch

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